Nice to meet you.
Ruth&Co. is a graphic design consultancy in Albany, New York, creating precise, persuasive and beautiful communication tools for clients to connect with their audiences. Every project—no matter how small or how large—is carefully planned and designed to inform, announce, raise awareness, build trust, delight, and inspire action.
The way we work now is different. Or is it?
With many of us working remotely from a desk in the the home office, or at the dining room table, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are all getting pretty good at getting it done from wherever we are. Good job, team! 
Working remotely has been the standard at Ruth&Co. since 2010. Doing so, provides vast opportunities for collaboration with colleagues who offer a broad range of disciplines to each project, allowing for the flexibility to scale up, or keep the team lean, as the project dictates. 
Project management.
Whether you work in the corner office, or your home office, your project needs good project management to shepherd it from initiation to full final delivery. 
Every project—whether it is a multi-media, multi-channel branding roll-out, a website, social media design, or a simple business card—benefit from well informed, and well organized project management to keep the project on task, on budget, on strategy and on time.
Graphic design services:
> branding and logo design
> website design 
> strategic marketing plans
> project management
> multi-channel outreach campaigns 
> print and digital advertising
> periodical publications
> specialty packaging
> direct mail design and planning
> Microsoft Word presentations and templates
Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and templates
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