Why Ruth&Co.?
Today, there are more ways than ever to communicate – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Cutting through noise and clutter requires precise, persuasive communication that connects with your target audience. Whether you are launching something new, building trust with your customers or inspiring the public to take action, Ruth & Co. can work within your budget to help tell your story.
Agency experience—without the price tag.
The first and most important step in design is to listen. It's our most important ingredient.

In the 20+ years working in agencies, clients and creatives were separated by layers of bureaucracy, diluting clear communication and hampering the natural client-creative collaboration essential to a projects successful outcome. Really, it’s the magic ingredient.

I knew I could deliver more for less, by offering one-on-one collaboration with clients to create a cleaner, clearer line to a successful project outcome, and keeping costs lean and on budget. So, I took a leap—and Ruth&Co. was born.

At Ruth & Co., you reap the benefit of my experience working with national brands and institutions. But you’ll always work directly with me—from the very home office you see here. It keeps my overhead low—so more of your money goes directly into design. When clients and designers have the benefit of working face-to-face, wow, the work can be great.
A true marketing communications partner.
Like I said, I like to listen. Then ask questions. Not only does it ensure we’re on the same page—it often uncovers a new approach or opportunity. Whether rebranding one of New York State’s largest public universities or launching a new campaign for one of the nation’s largest unions, I’m more than a designer. I am your creative partner—with you every step of the way.​​​​​​​
Your very own project shepherd.
The journey’s just as important as the destination when it comes to design. I’ve seen disaster strike when someone takes their eye off the ball. Consider me your project shepherd. From a multi-channel branding roll-out to a simple business card—with informed and organized project management, I keep things on task, on point, on budget and on time.​​​​​​​
Our full suite of graphic design and marketing communication services include:
> branding and logo design
> website design 
> strategic marketing plans
> project management
> multi-channel outreach campaigns 
> print and digital advertising
> periodical publications
> specialty packaging
> direct mail design and planning
> Microsoft Word presentations and templates
Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and templates
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